Transparency film Italy -Tacroll transparency film made in Italy


. is easily described as a

transparent, adhesive film

. There are numerous benefits to using our instead of mesh mount paper, net or tape. Some of the many benefits you will experience while using our are:

Production time is minimized by the ability of to be automatically applied with our applicator PZ005 in many different sizes. Considerable reduction in time during installation and production of tiles on surfaces such as floors, walls, pools etc..
Protection and

complete transparency of all mosaic

each single tile. No more scrubbing wet paper off of the mosaic using water and sponge. Total transparency lets installer easily match the grout joints while installing the final mosaic project. The back of the mosaic is 100% free.


Jumbo Size

Upon customer request our product can be supplied on jumbo rolls of 1.5 mt or 60 inches.

Standard Packaging is pre-cut in the requested size; then packaged in rolls containing 500 pieces each, with 2 rolls per box.


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Transparency film Italy

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